In your bag of golden-brown.

gargleblasted directory & info.


    ℵ arrival: early may 2010.
    ℵ residency: 6-10b.
       ⇒ kuchiki byakuya.
    ℵ occupation: ceo level wage.
    ℵ yorozuya.
       ⇒sakata gintoki, shimura shinpachi, kagura, katsura kotarou(?).
    ℵ headcanon birthday: Capricorn, the Sea-Goat; December 22nd. read more.

We are all too young to die.


OBLIVIONthe truth is... I just can't stand your foul stench!
SOUL EATERthis battle isn't over...
FATAL CRESTfair enough. you could say I am... the biggest nobody of them all.
KINGDOM KEY neither suits me. I'm taking the middle road.
WAY TO DAWNonce we step through, we might not be able to come back.
WISHING STARI was starting to worry you guys weren't ever gonna catch on.
OATHKEEPERwell, there is one advantage to being me... something you could never imitate.

☁ ✖ RESPECTif the world is made of light and darkness... we'll be the darkness.
☂ ✖ TRUSTso this is called a Keyblade?
★ ✖ VOLUMEwhat I said back there... about thinking I was better at stuff than you...

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